9 responses to “English

  1. alireza

    Blondi jan salam
    agha kojai? negaranetim.
    hatman ye chizi benevis to webloget ke az negarani dar biari khanandeha ro.
    omidvaram ke salemo tandorost bashi refigh.
    movafagh bashi

    zende bad IRAN
    ya HAGH

  2. blondisecret

    Mr. Khamenei, I will show you on Saturday “Who is closer to whom”!
    translated by kaveh_r | source: Blondi originally published on June 19
    digg this!
    In the past couple of days, I was envious of all those who were martyred, whether students or other people. For they had stood up for their opinion and sacrificed themselves for freedom. This might be my last post, I will either kick out this dictator or I will die. I will not tolerate the repression of this regime anymore. I will be in the front line of the protest tomorrow, Saturday, and will be defending our freedom. I will either get my rights back or I will die. Long live freedom, long live Iran!

    See online : Blondi

  3. Lindsay Misiner

    Hey. I was just wondering if that picture in your border was put there by you? I really want to make my border on my website my own, but I don’t know how. If you know anything, please let me know.
    -Lindsay @ http://www.lindsaymisiner.wordpress.com

  4. homa

    Dear blondi, it is just 10 days from now to TASOA and ASHORA and we see nothing on BALATARIN except sport news or old news ,I am not a balatarin member, but you are .There is no link for planning a demonstration.This is a unique opportunity why no one seems to be serious about it ,when they are going to plan?we have no time left while the regime is doing everything to confront people.you can not find any other opportunity to bring all people toghether,try to put links on this subject on balatarin

  5. homa

    Is it true that thousands of university students were supporting khomeini today?I wish I were the one who put his picture on fire ,do we want to be back to 30 years ago, even if the regim did it we should not condemn it,they themselves broke a taboo unwillingly.we should not spend time and energy to discuss about it rather take it as an opportunity they created for us,mousavi and sanei do not have the right to say our student love khomeini ,the great criminal of the century,

    • blondisecret

      dear homa, thank you for great comments, no we don’t want to back 30 years ago, as well we don’t like and don’t want this regime. you know this is a strategy for prevent of repress the movement. you know if mousavi and sanei,….saying like that, have a tow main reason. 1- to take pretext for the regime to hurt the students ant oppositions.2- if they didn’t say that regime will arrest them as a glance or monafeg.

  6. blondisecret

    meantime dear homa. i like to know more about you, i very proud because of you realy. The fate of your country is important for you, unlike some our compatriots.
    my id: adiban.alireza@yahoo.com

    • homa

      Thank you, I am proud of you and all brave men and women who are fighting for their rights too.
      hope this movement is not hijacked after costing so many lives.After 100 years I think this is the time that we really deserve to embrace freedom.
      It is time not only to free ourselves from this regime, but also from false beleives that have deep cultural roots which served as strong bases for this regime establishment 30 years ago.
      long way to go
      wish wisdom in choosing strategies and luck for all warriors

  7. mirza

    The end is near !

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